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First Post 第一个博客

July 7, 2011

First Post


So, I’ve been thinking about creating a blog (or two (or three)) for a while now and having just graduated from Grinnell College with a degree in Chinese, I at last have the time and motivation to do so. This will be an attempt to create a very special blog. It will be bilingual. Some kind of “mission statement” is not quite formed yet, but something along those lines may be in the works. For now, I will talk about what I intend this blog to be in more unconstrained terms.

One of the first real fruits of knowledge that my experiences living in China and studying Chinese literature, culture, philosophy, religion and history, along with the broader non-specific fields of literature, culture, philosophy, religion and history as well as those of other specific countries has allowed me to grasp was that human beings are all made of the same consciousness. We are all human beings not only in terms of anatomy but also in terms of spirit. Having taken up the study of the Chinese language, the juxtaposition of this language study with the manifold fields of study just mentioned has proven to me that one thing that language is is a divider of peoples, something that in and of itself creates discriminatory lines across so-called distinctive “cultures”. I am not saying that cultural difference does not exist or that it is unimportant. However, what this blog will attempt to do is BRIDGE one of these language divides–namely, that between the English language and the Chinese language.

In so doing, it is hoped that the perceived differences between Chinese speaking peoples and English speaking peoples that exist SOLELY because of the language divide may be brought down and that we as humans, as peoples, and as cohabitants of this planet may begin to address the differences that exist for other reasons, as well as come to mutually appreciate our similarities.

This is a bilingual blog but it is not intended merely for bilingual speakers. It is intended for all speakers of both languages.

“The path that can be followed is not the eternal path. The name that can be named is not the eternal name.” Daodejing 1

嗯,很久以来我一直在考虑创建一个(或两三个)博客。现在,我刚从美国的古林大学(Grinnell College) 获得了中文专业的本科学位,总算有时间和动力做这件事了。创造这个特别的博客,将是个有益的尝试。它是双语的。一个所谓的“宗旨”还没有成形,但是可能正在准备中。不过,我暂时先用比较随意的话来说明一下这个博客的目标。







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  1. gyj permalink

  2. Good job, Sam. Keep doing this…
    很不错呢 加油吧~

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